Un autocollant du Projet-Apache sur une oeuvre de Larissa Fassler…

Projet Apache – Génération Identitaire Paris : www.projet-apache.com

Source : http://www.berlinartlink.com/2011/07/30/the-state-of-berlin/

Artists that have been based in Berlin for 3 years or more are being offered the opportunity to be inspired by living in a new culture, with funding from the state. The list of destinations to apply for span Asia, Europe and North America. This unique creative opportunity is open to artists in the fine arts, video or photography field.

The project is envisioned as a cultural exchange programme and the length of time to spend in each particular country varies. In Moscow and Tokyo the length of stay would be for 3 months, Paris and Istanbul for 6 months, London for 10 months and L.A. and New York for 12 months. This would allow the artist enough time to gain an insight into a different culture, to gain international publicity and to exchange ideas with artists from different cultural backgrounds.

The prerequisites are that the artist is not a student and that they should also have received some recognition for their work prior to applying for the stipend. There are 9 available spaces and each succesful applicant will receive 1,500 euros per month, plus additional money for accomodation in certain locations. The deadline for application submission is the 15th September 2011.

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  1. pencil.co.jp

    that, it makes sense to connect the two because fairytales are really similar to social memory because they do get changed over time and are shaped by society. I thought that was a really interesting point!

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